Sunday, July 10, 2011

Workout Plan Week 5 and 6

You have done an amazing job to get to this point. Now we are going to continue down this path of strength and power moves. This week is going to repeat some of the same workouts you have done before. Make sure you keep track of your reps, sets and weight so you can see progress.

This week isn't just about exercise but eating right too. Are you ready for this?? I know I am. I will post a grocery list that you can use to create healthy recipes. I am right now reading the Abs Diet and have enjoyed this book.

I will be using some of the tips I know and some from this book. So enjoy these two weeks and I'll see you at the finish line! Remember I want to see your progress so you can send me before and after pictures or even just an after picture is fine. Also post your results!

Day 1: The Punisher

Day 2: Total Ab Tonner

Day 3: Double Dog Dare

Day 4: Total Ab Tonner

Day 5: Pumped Up

Day 6: Rock Those Guns

Day 7: Off or Total Ab Tonner

Day 8: OFF

Day 9: Pumped Up

Day 10: Sleek N Sexy

Day 11: Total Ab Tonner

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