Monday, September 12, 2011

What are the benefits to eating organic foods?

There are many reason why I eat organic foods and mostly it's because they are free of pesticides and are richer in vitamins then pesticides sprayed foods.

The impact to the earth and the environment is lower. The animals, even being raised for strictly food enjoy a life (no matter how short) that is relatively stress-free, free-grazing on the land and not being manufactured in crowded and sometimes deplorable living conditions.
Organic farmers use less energy, less water resources, and NO pesticides. Organic farmers rarely have to burn their fields, because their soil stays rich in content, moisture and nutrients due to careful management of land and using only natural organic matter to cultivate and grow their crops.
When industrialized agriculture (union farms) arrive in farming communities, many farmers are forced out of business. Great expanses of farm land are swallowed up and a way of life that has sustained humans for centuries vanishes. Gone too, is the regard for animals. Placing the animals in crowded living conditions, not allowing them the freedom of movement, fed enriched grains and additives to promote quick growth, and all for what? All for greed.
Each month dozens of new pesticides, cleaners, fertilizers etc… show up in local supermarkets and stores. These products, advertised heavily are purchased and used and thus the destruction of the earth continues slow and steady.
Organic farmers, live cleanly. Free of pesticides and toxins. They do not clutter up the landfills with toxic waste or subject their bodies to unhealthy foods. It is a conscious choice. One made in order to survive right along with the planet that sustains them

Organic Skin Care

Skin; a living, breathing, sensitive, flexible covering meant to protect us from the harmful rays of the sun, the dangers of infection and too much moisture.
In order to protect our skin, organic skin care products should be utilized. This new organic world can become confusing as you navigate through the shelves of your supermarkets and malls and some questions come to mind:
  • Which product out there is really organic?
  • Doesn’t organic apply to only food products?
Some of these non-food products you see before you carry labels that say 75% Organic or 100% All Natural Organic ingredients.
Organic skin care products are beneficial for the health of your skin, but if they are truly organic, their shelf life is cut in half from their commercial counterparts. This is one way to check the authenticity of organic skin care products, by the expiration date. Only synthetic ingredients prolong shelf life for products beyond the few months that natural products can survive.
Organic skin care products claim to be beneficial for your skin. Free of harmful preservatives and additives, organic skin care products is an industry that has exploded in the last couple of years. With sales rapidly expanding due in large part to the industry taking to the Internet, more and more companies are now joining the move to offer non-toxic products for your skin.

Healing Gardens Organics

Their slogan is “Save Your Skin- Save the Planet.” Their line of organic skin care products are earth-friendly, non-toxic, and cruelty free (meaning animals are not used to test their products). Their aim is for their customers to live a longer, healthier life, by promoting such products as: Organics Wild Honey Body Lotion
Honey is an all natural skin exfoliate. When applied to dry, red or irritated skin, honey will naturally soothe the area and take the redness and soreness away. Honey is the oldest naturalizer in the world. When applied to the skin, honey locks the moisture in and prevents painful dry skin from occurring.
The company also offers aromatherapy products such as Lavender therapy Relaxing Pillow Spray…The Healing Garden Body Definition…Healing Garden Hand Cream…all ingredients fully botanical and tested by dermatologists.

The Body Shop

Offers Skin Milk Shower Cream, completely free of soap (that can dry your skin) The company utilizes milk that has the property not only to exfoliate the skin, but also to nourish the skin with vitamins A and D. This body wash can be used also to take the sting out of burns and the irritation out of rashes.
These are only two companies in a long list that offer organic skin care products. If you are mystified as to which companies are legitimate, an organization called The Organic Consumers Association out of Minnesota stands ready to help you.
This is a grassroots organization dealing with the many issues of organic products and offering a website rich with facts and statistics. Their motto:

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