Wednesday, February 8, 2012

FEMALE Extreme Team Physical Fitness Chart

Are you EXTREME? Yes ,you are and how extreme are you? I couldn't help myself but post the Marine Corp Physical Fitness Chart for you to compete against. Check your results and write them down. Save them or post them here. We will do it again every 4 weeks to check out progress. So please finish this before starting any of my workout programs to check your progress.


Marine Corps Physical Fitness Charts

Flexed-Arm Hang. The goal of the flexed-arm hang event is for a Marine to hang (maintain elbow flexion) for as long as possible. The procedures are:
  • This is a timed event.
  • Assistance to the bar with a step up, being lifted up, or jumping up to the start position is authorized. 
  • The bar must be grasped with both palms facing either forward or to the rear. 
  • The correct starting position begins when the Marine’s arms are flexed at the elbow, the chin is held above the bar and not touching it, and the body is motionless. At no time during the execution of this event can a Marine rest her chin on the bar. 
  • Marines are authorized to drop down below the bar, however, some degree of elbow flexion must be maintained with both arms. Once a Marine's arms are fully extended or the Marine drops off the bar, the clock will stop.
Abdominal Crunch. The goal of the abdominal crunch event is for a Marine to execute as many proper and complete crunches within the prescribed time limit. The procedures are:
  • 2-minute time limit. 
  • On a flat surface, Marines will lie flat on their back with shoulder blades touching the deck, knees will be bent, and both feet will be flat on the deck. 
  • The arms will be folded across the chest or rib cage with no gap existing between the arms and chest/rib cage. Both arms must remain in constant contact with chest/rib cage throughout the exercise. A single repetition consists of raising the upper body from the starting position until both forearms or elbows simultaneously touch the thighs, and then returning to the starting position with the shoulder blades touching the deck.
  • The buttocks will remain in constant contact with the deck throughout the event. No arching of the lower back or lifting the buttocks is permitted.
  • An assistant may be used to hold a Marine's legs or feet, at or below the knees in whatever manner that is most comfortable for the Marine. Kneeling or sitting on the Marine’s feet is permitted. 
  • A repetition will be counted when an accurate and complete abdominal crunch is performed.
3.0 Mile Run. The goal is for a Marine to complete the measured course as quickly as possible. The procedures are:
  • This is a timed event. 
Marine Corps Physical Fitness Test Points - Female
PointsFlexed-Arm HangCrunches3-Mile Run
10070 sec100 21:00
99 9921:10
9869 sec9821:20
97 9721:30
9668 sec9621:40
95 9521:50
9467 sec9422:00
93 9322:10
9266 sec9222:20
91 9122:30
9065 sec9022:40
89 8922:50
8864 sec8823:00
87 8723:10
8663 sec8623:20
85 8523:30
8462 sec8423:40
83 8323:50
8261 sec8224:00
81 8124:10
8060 sec8024:20
79 7924:30
7859 sec7824:40
77 7724:50
7658 sec7625:00
75 7525:10
7457 sec7425:20
73 7325:30
7256 sec7225:40
71 7125:50
7055 sec7026:00
69 6926:10
6854 sec6826:20
67 6726:30
6653 sec6626:40
65 6526: 50
6452 sec6427:00
63 6327:10
6251 sec6227:20
61 6127:30
6050 sec6027:40
59 5927:50
5849 sec5828:00
57 5728:10
5648 sec5628:20
55 5528:30
5447 sec5428:40
53 5328:50
5246 sec5229:00
51 5129:10
5045 sec5029:20
49 4929:30
4844 sec4829:40
47 4729:50
4643 sec4630:00
45 4530:10
4442 sec4430:20
43 4330:30
4241 sec4230:40
41 4130:50
4040 sec4031:00
3939 secx31:10
3838 secx31:20
3737 secx31:30
3636 secx31:40
3535 secx31:50
3434 secx32:00
3333 secx32:10
3232 secx32:20
3131 secx32:30
3030 secx32:40
2929 secx32:50
2828 secx33:00
2727 secx33:10
2626 secx33:20
2525 secx33:30
2424 secx33:40
2323 secx33:50
2222 secx34:00
2121 secx34:10
2020 secx34:20
1919 secx34:30
1818 secx34:40
1717 secx34:50
1616 secx35:00
1515 secx35:10

*Round up all values (e.g., 21:01 to 21:09 equals 99 points)
In order to pass the semi-annual fitness test, Marines must perform the minimum acceptable performance requirements shown in the chart below for their age-group. Additionally, they must have enough overall points to meet the 3rd class fitness requirements (see below).
Minimum Fitness Requirments for Each PFT Event - Females
AgeFlexed-Arm HangCrunches3-Mile Run
17-2615 Seconds5031:00
27-3915 Seconds4532:00
40-4515 Seconds4533:00
46+15 Seconds4036:00
Marine Corps PFT Classification Scores - Male and Female
ClassAge 17-26Age 27-39Age 40-45Age 46+

Above Information Derived from Marine Corps Order (MCO) P6100-12


  1. This is great. Thanks for posting it.

  2. Since I am starting the 8 week challenge on Sunday I wanted to attempt this but I have a couple of questions. How can I do the hanging challenge? Any suggestions on that? Also, would running on a treadmill until it reaches 3 miles be acceptable? Thanks in advance!

    1. Hang challenge if you dont hVe a chin up bar skip it. Yes treadmill is fine.

  3. I live with a Marine Vet. This should be interesting to see if he can beat me :)

    1. Let me know how he takes it when you do. Lol

  4. just came upon this. how do I join!?

    1. Go to the goddess workout page and click on bikini body workout and start on day one. Welcome to the Extreme Team!