Thursday, February 9, 2012

How to Do Kegel Exercises for Men

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For you men out there. Yes you do need to practice your Kegels. If you are interested in knowing why read on.
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Kegels exercises are effective yet so simple. Originally they were developed to help women in the preparation of childbirth. They are also effective in helping men treat urinary incontinence and control ejaculation. Now, Kegel exercises are known to strengthen pelvic floor muscles to support bladder control and they are especially effective in treating incontinence when paired with bladder training. However, you have to consult your health provider first if you have plan of doing this exercise. Add to this, you have to know how to do Kegel exercises for men.

Tip #1: Find the Correct Muscles
Kegels are only effective if you exercise the right muscles which are the pelvic floor muscles. You must know where these muscles are. Then act like you’re trying to prevent yourself from passing gas and may squeeze the muscles you’d use. With this, you should feel a pulling feeling and the muscles that are “pulling” are exactly your pelvic floor muscles. Kegel exercises will imitate this kind of sensation. You can also try to stop your stream while urinating and the muscles you just have tightened are no other else than your pelvic floor muscles. There are times that men make use of other muscles and this defeats the purpose. Always use the correct muscles.

Tip #2: Practice Basic Kegels
You must start with basic Kegels before working to the more advanced exercises. Pull in the pelvic floor muscles as you hold it for 3 seconds. After that you release it for 3 seconds also. Perform 3 sets of 10 repetitions daily. At first, perform the Kegel exercise in a lying position, then move to sitting and standing positions. Lying down is the easiest position since you’re not working against gravity. Be sure that you tighten only your pelvic floor muscles. Do not include your buttocks and legs and do not hold your breath as well.

Tip #3: Build your Strength
After having been comfortable of holding Kegels and resting for 3 minutes, you can adjust it to 4-5 seconds until you can hold and release for 10 seconds. Your target is to do Kegels for 5 minutes a day, 3 times a week. Make some variations like holding and releasing rapidly and holding and releasing as long as you can but be sure not to overdo it. Do not do Kegel exercises if you feel pain or discomfort. It takes 3-6 weeks before you notice any improvement with your bladder control.

Tip #4: Clear the Bladder
Before performing Kegel exercises, you must clear the bladder first. This is to eliminate the chance of leakage when doing the contraction and relaxation of such exercise.

Tip #5: Be Comfortable
You can do Kegel exercise comfortably when sitting in a chair. The purpose of this is to relieve any type of stress on the other muscles in the body so that you can focus on the activity of the pelvic muscles.

You can do Kegels anywhere like in a meeting, watching televisions and even while riding in subway. Nobody can notice that you are working with your pelvic muscles. Remember though that the main cause of having pain when performing Kegels is the attempt of performing too many repetitions in a session. Therefore, you must reduce the repetitions to your most comfortable level. Consult your doctor at immediately once the pain persists.


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