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Secret Weapons to Fight Cellulite

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I am adding what Dr. Oz has said about Cellulite and a link to his web site. The article is copied right here as well. In pink is what I have said between what he has written. I know how bothersome it is to read an article and then do research for products that the article was describing. So, I did that for you. Dr. OZ does did not list any products in his article. I did that for you to make it easier and so you will know what I like too.

What exactly is cellulite? Cellulite occurs when pockets of fat push up against connective tissue underneath the skin. This bane of many women’s existence is seen much less frequently in men. That’s because female skin tissue is thinner and less porous; therefore, when fat cells push up, they’re more noticeable.

Secret Weapons to Fight Cellulite

Cellulite and Diet

Avoid Too Much Salt and Sugar
By eating a healthy diet, you can help reduce cellulite. First, avoid too much sugar, which gets stored in fat cells and causes them to expand. Second, limit salt intake, since sodium causes fluid retention, making cellulite appear even worse. Consume no more than 6 teaspoons of sugar each day, and stay away from foods containing more than 200 mg of sodium.

Drink 8-10 Glasses of Water Daily
Water helps flush out toxins that hide in the fat layers beneath the skin and make cellulite lumps even more visible. Drink 8-10 glasses of water every day. Hydration also works to plump the skin and make it look less lumpy.

Kelp contains fucoxanthin, a xanthophyll compound found in green plants with chlorophyll, which helps the body burn fat. Studies show that ingesting kelp can help facilitate a 5-10% loss in body weight, thus reducing the appearance of cellulite. Add kelp to your diet regimen. You can get your kelp in 300 mg capsule.

This is my favorite brand of kelp. I take it as part of my daily routine. :)

Cellulite and Topical Creams

Aminophylline Cream
This cutting-edge anti-cellulite cream contains the organic compound aminophylline, also used in many inhalable asthma drugs. When applied topically, this compound helps break down fat in cells so it can burn easier. Aminophylline cream, available online for about $40 a bottle, should be applied to the affected area on a daily basis. To supercharge this treatment, add vitamin C, which helps to build collagen. Make sure you get 75 mg of vitamin C each day. One kiwi or a cup of strawberries will do the trick.

Retinol Cream
Retinol is a form of vitamin A that reduces the presence of free radicals responsible for the breakdown of collagen. Retinol helps maintain skin smoothness and makes cellulite bulges less visible. Look for 100,000 IUs of vitamin A per 2-ounce jar. For best results, use 100% retinol cream with added vitamin A, C and E.

I like all natural and organic products. I don't like to add toxins to my skin so I first put an organic cream and then a non-organic as well to let you in on what else it out there.

Non-elastic Underwear
Elastic underwear pinches on the cellulite, exaggerating its appearance. Switch to non-elastic undergarments made of smooth fabric with an invisible edge. You’ll create even pressure on the skin, increase blood flow, and prevent fat from being pushed up and deposited in unwanted areas. Thongs and capri-length undergarments that reach just below the knee are also good choices.

The Truth Behind Top-Selling Cellulite Products

Most anti-cellulite products promise miracles in no time. But how many of these actually deliver? Here’s what you need to know:

Massage Devices
Massage devices actually DO work. Here’s why: Cellulite develops because fibrous connective bands between the skin and fat pull the fat to the surface, creating a rippled skin appearance. By creating friction, you can loosen or soften those bands temporarily. Massage helps by stimulating circulation and draining excess fluids. When the fat cells aren’t as “full,” the lumps appear smoothed. Try a massage product with battery-powered rollers.

Both are great for what you would need. The brush is something easy and you have that in your shower.

Diuretic Herbal Supplements
Diuretic herbal supplements DO NOT work. While they may reduce fluid buildup and make fat cells appear smaller for a very brief period of time, you’re basically only getting more expensive urine as they flush through your system. What’s more, these supplements can negatively impact your digestive system and other parts of the body.

Caffeine Creams
Caffeine creams DO work. Caffeine works on the spot by breaking down fat cells, making skin smoother and less lumpy. The caffeine actually dehydrates the area where the cellulite is, tightening and firming the skin for a temporary smooth appearance. When purchasing these products, examine the ingredients, which are always listed in order of concentration. You want to choose a product with about a 5% caffeine concentration. Caffeine creams typically range in price from about $20-$100.

The bottom line: There’s no permanent cure for cellulite, but there are ways to reduce its appearance. Don’t throw your money away on expensive products or treatments. Try one of these affordable, effective secret weapons first. Such as the ones I listed that goes along with what Dr. OZ was talking about. I hope this helps all you ladies who are in need of some smooth sexy legs this summer!

Your Trainer,
Michelle Freeman

The D. OZ Show
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  1. I was wondering if you had any recommendations for the last of my belly fat "pouch". I am doing cardio and strength training atleast 6 days a week and I have not seen any difference in my "pouch" Is there a certain way of "exercising" that I should be doing? Thank you, Tiffany

  2. Purplechrimson, Check out my blog for a little helpful tips for you! Posted just for you. :)

  3. Belly fat is pure diet. No amount of crunches will get rid of a "pouch".

  4. Is it ok to take kelp while breastfeeding?

    1. I don't think I did. You'll have to talk to your doctor. Eat sea weed. Buy a toasted one and if you dont like the stuff put a little honey on it and its soo good.

  5. Thank you!!! I ran across this blog and I am so inspired!!! You rock!

  6. does the Kelp have a nasty taste? or leave on in your mouth? Thank you, I love your blog! it's amazing!

  7. I am working out about 4-5 days a week and I have started to eat very healthy. I am only 5'1" so I feel like when I do weights and try to loose weight, I just bulk up instead. If I run on average about 3 miles a day, whether it may be sprints, jog, tempo run, etc., on top of doing toning excercises, how long will it take for me to see results in my legs and stomach? Also, are there any good foods I should eat to prevent cellulite? I just feel like nothing I do is working.

    1. A body type that builds muscle like that just needs 12 to 15 reps of what ever weight is heavy enough you can't lift it more than 15 times. Dont give you. Some people build muscle that they really notice because of the fat that they are holding on to. Then the muscle burns the fat and everything looks smaller. Give yourself time. 1 to max of 2 pounds lost a week is normal. Tonned body and you getting what you want is something I can't date because one its subjective and two I haven't worked with you in person. Just know... Everyday is one step closer to your goal and if you keep working you will be there before you know it. Drink organic lemon in your water and do the tips on this page. Keep me posted.

  8. what do you think of the coQ10? Is it effective?

    1. I do love it and seen a lot of health change.

  9. Throughout the whole day, what is a good and healthy of sugar intake total? I keep hearing sugar is not bad as long as your intake is low but what is "low" for a day?

    1. How many grams of sugar per day are recommended?The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends: 37 grams for men (150 cal, 7.4tsp) and 25 grams for women (100 cal, 5tsp).The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) recommends: 32 grams (128cal, 6.4tsp) for a 2000 calorie diet.The American Diabetes Association (ADA) doesn’t provide specific guidelines but claims that it can be substituted for other carbohydrate sources, in moderation.

  10. Ok, Thank you! It is just so hard to know what to believe because I hear so many different things. Like in order to loose weight you shouldn't eat more than 25 carbs in a day, which is so hard!!!