Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Strengthen Pelvic Floor Muscle In 3-6 Weeks

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Everyone needs to know this and I have posted it due to a question I was asked.

The pelvic floor muscle group can be strengthened and bladder control be restored by undertaking a regular exercise regime for only about 5 minutes, three times a day.

Sit on the towlet and try to stop the flow of urine. You will be contracting the “hammock” muscle if successful.

Lie down and put your finger in your vagina and squeeze. If you can feel any tightness on your finger you are using the bladder control muscle.

It is important to avoid contracting your stomach, legs or any other muscles and do not hold your breath while locating these two muscles. Now that you know where they are and how to activate them you can start strengthening them.

To begin with find a quiet private place such as your bathroom or bedroom, lie down on the floor and concentrate on pulling in both muscles and holding for a count of three, and relaxing for a count of three.

Over a period of time work up to 15 repeats at each exercise session and target this three times a day.
When you are at ease with this routine add sitting and standing while carrying out the exercise. Exercising in sitting, standing and laying down to strengthen the muscles faster and better.


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