Thursday, March 22, 2012

Get Motivated to Workout

I have been asked this question a lot lately and I wanted to share with all of you how I stay motivated to workout and some tips on how to get started.

Buy Workout Clothes:
Make sure to find the best workout clothes that make you feel comfortable and not just old stuff that makes you feel sloppy and pretty much gross the whole workout. You know what I am talking about. I have some like that, that I have saved thinking, "BUT THEY MAKE GREAT WORKOUT CLOTHES." Wrong! They make great depression clothes. lol So really, go out spend a little money on some nice tops and bottoms. Make sure to have a comfortable pair of shoes too. Don't under estimate the power of good shoes. They make a world of difference.


FITNESS CHIC (some of my favorite clothes for working out)

Supreme Wicking Outfit
Top 10 Best Athletic Shoes for Walking

Something is better then nothing:
Your plan was to workout first thing this morning, or to do it right after work... but guess what something got in the way of your plan. Yes, this is the way it goes in my life and I know yours too. What do you do? We always have some kind of time that shows it self. The only problem is what do we do with that time. Do we say, oh, it's only 20 minutes and I wanted an hour workout... guess, I won't workout then? NO, we say, yes, lets get atleast 20 minutes in now and if an hour some where shows up I'll use it then. Best thing to do is put yourself first and let the other things wait just a moment. I go through a day with house hold things yelling, clean me, cook me, get me put away but the truth is if I didn't get to my fitness first those things are never ending and you just can't get through them fast enough before the day is over to get a workout in you really wanted.

Have a goal:
Sign up for a race and send in the entry fee. This always works. My husband would watch the baby ever Sunday morning when I went for my run. Yes, I ran at 5am so that I could still have family time and do all the fun stuff I wanted to do but guess what, if it wasn't for the race coming I wouldn't have gotten up that early to train on a Sunday morning.

Join a gym:
Why? Well, not all of us can join a gym right now. If you can't join a gym workout outside, go to the the mall and do speed walks. Why? Sometimes the home has too many distractions from working out. You will be in the middle of a workout and have a phone call, something that needs to get done is looking at you in the face and you go and do it and the workout doesn't really get done. So getting away from the home if possible is best. I totally worked out at home all the time and made it work but it was hard and you have to be strong to stick with your workout while at home. The gym is a place where everyone is working out and you feel more motivated to do your workout when at the gym. You can find a lot of gyms for good prices just have to do some shopping.

Note: Just watch out for the sales guys they like to rush you into a deal. Look online at the gyms website and see if they have even a better offer. Never let them make you feel rushed. :)

Partner with a friend:
Ok, believe me I know it's not always easy to find someone you can count on for exercise... I have tried too. I go solo so many times. If you have someone who is motivational that you can exercise with it does help. There is power in numbers. So, give that friend a call and get your goals set and times and days you are working out written down in ink.

Never rely on others to keep you going:
Yes, I said partner with a friend but you know how many times I have been let down by friends and family saying they will workout and then they can't make it. If I relied on them for my fitness I would be pretty much a mess by now. You have to be your best friend and make a promise to yourself that you had set out to do it today and so what if your partner couldn't make it you are going to do it anyway and show them up! What ever gets you motivated to go do it. Remind yourself how great you will feel after knowing you had done it and how proud you will be with finishing what you had set out to do.
Have fun:
When working out is not your thing how do you lose weight? Get involved in tennis, swimming aerobics, dance lessons, zumba, or just take up any sport! Hey, don't get wise with me you know what I am talking about. No sport that includes sitting down most of the time.

Workout Benefits:
There are so many benefits to working out and you already know them. I will list a few of them for you to help you get more motivated to workout.
  • Fitting into new clothes.
  • Being fit
  • Adrenaline rush
  • Stress relief
  • Time for contemplation
There is so many more too list but it would take up the whole page. :)

Have a reward for when you lose a pound or when you finish a week of workouts. Great rewards are those that don't include food but do include feel good stuff like spa day, massage, clothes, or just a day off. Spa days can be done on the cheap at home and a massage could be done by your partner.

I hope this has helped give you a little more motivation to workout and helped sparked a fire within you finally this time make it happen. No more trying and never finishing. I want you to finish this time. Make this the last time that you start something and then let yourself down. I am here for you and I know YOU CAN DO IT!!!

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  1. Start my bikini 8 week program. Welcome to the team. Every workout I have in there is designed to get ridof your problem areas.

  2. I started the 8wk program today. I'm wondering if cardio is important??? I don't have a gym membership, and do not like running alone. What are some things that can substitute, out of the home, cardio???