Friday, June 10, 2011

JUMPING is better than RUNNING

I never would have thought I would be hopping and jumping across the finish line at my first half marathon. Oh yes, I did, I ran the whole way in these bad boys and my knees thanked me. I feel like laughing right now as I am writing this because I didn't think I would love them so much when I first got them as a gift. I thought, "man, I am going to look crazy." Well, I might look crazy but I feel amazing.

When training for my half marathon I really hurt my right knee with all the extra stress of running so many hours and miles everyday. It was hard on me. I pulled out my Kangoo Jumps and said, "NEVER GIVE UP!" I was just a few weeks away from the race when I started training in them. They had some weight to them but my knee didn't hurt at all. I now HOP through my neighborhood all the time and I LOVE IT!

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