Thursday, June 9, 2011

Six is Sexy

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This workout is amazing! It was built to maximize your time. You get abs, fat burn and cardio. Once the workout is done, you are done! I am putting in some treadmill drills into this workout. If you don't have a treadmill that is ok, use jump rope, jumping jacks and running in place drills to get your heart rate up.

KEY NOTE: 10 reps, heavy weight or 20 reps light or no weight during this exercise.

Warm up:
Treadmill: 1.0 incline, 4.0 speed for 5 minutes

OBLIQUE V-UP: Lie on right side with legs at a 30-degree angle and right arm straight along torso. Place left arm behind head and lift legs and torso simultaneously, driving elbow towards knee. Keep legs and shoulders off the ground once you begin. Switch sides and repeat movement.

BALL PASS: Begin by lying on your back with the legs straight up (bend them if needed) and holding the ball straight up over the body. Put the ball between the feet, squeezing them to keep the ball in place, and lower both the arms and legs down towards the floor. Bring them back up and take the ball in your hands, lowering the arms and legs down towards the floor again. Repeat.

OBLIQUE TWIST ON BALL: Sit on a exercise ball with good posture, feet on the floor and knees over ankles. With arms bent, hold medicine ball in front of chest. While looking straight ahead, contract the abdominals and slowly turn the torso to the right. Release and turn torso left. Repeat.

ROMAN CHAIR LEG LIFTS: With the arms bent at 90 degrees and the elbows and forearms firmly pressed against the arm pads, hang from a roman chair. Let your legs hang at the angle of the roman chair (different roman chairs will have different angles). Pull your Abs tightly inward.
Pulling with the lower Abs raise your knees towards your chest, slightly rolling your hips forward and up as your knees get closer to your chest. Pause and slowly extend the legs to the starting position. Repeat

PLANK ON BALL WITH FEET ON TOWELS: Begin with your feet on the floor on towels and your upper body resting on the exercise ball, hands joined together and elbows by your side. While keeping your body in s straight line from heels to shoulders stretch your right leg to the right of your body and then bring it back in. Then stretch your left leg to the left of your body and bring it back in. The towels will help your slid across the floor right and left with your feet. Keep Repeating.
Note: If you don't have hard floors to slid on then just step the foot out and in from side to side.

Now Repeat this round of exercises again from Oblique V-ups to Plank on ball with feet on towels.

Treadmill drill:
  • 2 minutes at 15.0 incline at 3.5 speed ( you are walking at this speed)
  • 1 minute at 14.0 incline at 3.5 speed
  • 1 minute at 13.0 incline at 3.5 speed
  • 1 minute at 12.0 incline at 4.0 speed
  • 1 minute at 10.0 incline at 4.0 speed
  • 4 minutes at 1.0 incline at 6.0 speed (you are jogging at this speed)
  • 1 minute at 1.0 incline at 3.5 speed (walking)
Now go from the top of this whole workout starting with the Abs and work your way back down the the Treadmill drill and do it again.  Once you have finished don't forget to stretch!

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