Saturday, April 28, 2012

Bikini Body Extreme Team Members

I know you all are asking and wondering what to do next. I am building a workout program as we speak that should be totally up in full in just a little while. Until then you need to be getting your body ready and your cardio up to speed for these workouts. I encourage you all to do my "Power Exercise for Runners 3 Week Program."

This is another great way to tone up your abs. I never looked better then when I trained for my half and then full marathon. So join me in this next 3 week program of getting yourself conditioned to run long distances. You'll have cut abdominals in no time when you run.


60 Days Workout Program

You will transform your body in 60 days with the most effective workout program ever. Designed by Michelle M. Freeman Certified Personal Trainer. You will be MOTIVATED, pushed to SUCCEED to achieve a lean, mean, hard core body.
Included in your workout plan will be BONUS WORKOUTS! You can use it at the end of any exercise or when you feel you want an extra burn.

60-Day Total-Body Workout Program

Your personal trainer Michelle M. Freeman will push with her 10 workouts packed with cardio and plyometric drills with intervals of strength, power, resistance, and core training. Free weights are needed.

Who can do it?
Any fitness level can do these workouts. Michelle will guide you to the best you can be with extreme results in just 60 days.
Workout Plan:

  • Fit Test. Find your starting point in a 30+ minute workout.

10 Extreme Workout 30+ minute workouts:
  1. Plyometric Knockout Body Circuit. Burn fat with intense intervals focusing on of intense lower-body plyo and sweat-inducing cardio.
  2. Cardio Strip Fat Workout. Build a lean upper-body with strength and power moves.
  3. Slim and Trim stretch and strengthen. Michelle puts you through a healing and strengthening routine helping you to ready yourself for your next round of extreme workouts.
  4. Ripped Abs with Cardio. Nonstop workout built to make your abs burn.
  5. Metabolism Booster Cardio & Balance. Nice change of pace built to balance you body and create total body strength.
  6. Fit Test & Better Body Fix Workout. Combining your fitness test with a problem zone workout. It's extreme, mean, and just what you need.
  7. Level Up Interval Plyo. Feel the burn in your legs while experiencing the power of your body with these hardcore exercises.
  8. Ripped Abs with Cardio Level 2. Endurance workout made to burn fat and build your abdominal walls into 6 pack abs.
  9. Metabolism Booster Cardio & Balance Level 2. Give it a rest and build strength for another round with intense moves and stretches.
  10. Bonus Better Body Fixes Workout. Trouble zone workout designed for the most common areas we all need to work on.
Pick from 3 Better Body Fixes:
  • Waving Arms & Back Fat Banisher
  • Bubble Butt & Thighs Solver
  • Double Chin and Chest fat Slimmer.
Note: All other trouble zones including these as well are already hit on but these are the stubborn ones that we all feel need an extra push.

Easy Nutrition Plan:
Making food planning simple and designed to fuel your body for intense workouts.


In a few weeks or sooner!!! YES, yes, I want sooner too. :)


  1. Yay! Thanks so much- I'm looking forward to this!

    1. Holly, I am so excited. Would get it up sooner but want there to be demo video n lots of pictures.