Sunday, April 8, 2012

Stationary Bike Core Body Workout

Get crazy with this great workout to tighen and trim your mid section.  Use this workout as part of your weight lifting workout or on it's own. Burn baby, burn.

Core Workout
Note: Make sure to have a light grip on handle bars and let your legs and core balance you.

0:00-5:0040-50Warm-upStay seated
5:00-5:4570-80ModerateStay seated
5:45-6:00100HardStay seated
6:00-7:0060-80ModerateStay seated
7:45-10:0060-80ModerateStand up
10:45-15:0040-50EasyStay seated

Repeat 2 more times! End with a cool down of 5 minutes with no resistance.

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