Sunday, April 8, 2012

Stationary Bike Booty Workout

Build your booty, burn fat and calories with this hot workout. I am excited to share this workout with you.

This workout has been designed with rpms. Almost all stationary bikes will show you how many rpms you are doing during your cardio workout.

Booty Workout
Note: focus on keeping your feet flat
0:00-5:0040-50Warm-upStay seated
5:00-10:0070-80ModerateStay seated
10:00-13:00100HardStay seated
13:00-15:0060-80ModerateStay seated
15:00-16:00100HardStand up and hover low with BOTTY out.
16:00-17:0060-80ModerateStay seated
17:00-18:00100HardStand up and hover low with BOTTY out.
18:00-20:0060-80ModerateStay seated

Repeat 2 more times! End with a cool down of 5 minutes with no resistance.

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  1. Can't wait to try this. BTW, I think you meant "BOOTY" where "botty" is written? Thanks for the great stuff!