Friday, May 11, 2012

Testimonial of an Extreme Team Member

Malia has left a new comment on your post "Strong and Sexy Abs LV2"

"Thank you for trasforming my mental toughness, strength, and body!!! This program was fantastic!! I have been an athlete my whole life and always been in 'shape' but never like this!! It's better than college sports days!! I have passed your blog around to many many many people... Thanks again for all you do!! You're amazing :)

Michelle replied

I am so happy to have helped you along the way and am happy to have you on my team. Thank you for sharing the word because the better we look and feel the more people are going to want to know how we did it. I am impressed by you as well.

I am posting soon my 60 Days Workout Plan soon. Just taking a while because I take all my own video and pictures myself and all the uploading and editing. Gosh, if only there were 3 of me. :)

Stay in touch!

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